Rx Drug Prices

The sale of drugs over the Internet is governed by the same legislative acts, as any other trade drugs, but the distribution of drugs through the network carries with it certain limitations. You will not be able to purchase via the Internet drugs class a, that is, medicinal substances, which are sold only by prescription. This includes all drugs, psychoactive and poisonous drugs. That is, the Internet pharmacy is still a means of obtaining drugs for relatively healthy people.

Our online pharmacy allows you to search for drugs among our network pharmacies. On our site you can only reserve drugs. In addition, you can compare prices on found a product from us and our competitors. If the search name You found nothing, the program now assumes that You made a typo and offers alternative solutions. Above is the most likely option. Also, You can view a description of the medicinal product, click on its code or name.

Canadian pharmacy is an indispensable tool for those who want to quickly and easily check the availability and prices of RX drugs in pharmacies. The pharmaceutical business is growing with enormous speed, and every month there are new and new drugs. In order not to get lost in this variety of institutions we have created our service that allows you to find the medicine in the pharmacies at the lowest price. The number of medicines is also increasing with each passing day, which greatly complicates the search of drugs in drugstores. And here the question is not only: “where to buy medicine?”, but “how to find medicine in drugstores?”. And also are posted on the website promotions and discounts on tools that allows You to buy drugs cheaply. Thus, you save not only time but also money. Well, if You don’t remember the exact name of the drug, You only have to enter only the first two letters and our service will prompt you with medicines beginning with them. Or you can use the directory to search the required tool using categories. If You have not found the right medication, please call us.

Basket of our online pharmacy is improved. In it there is a form for direct addition of items. This innovation should evaluate buyers, making volume, number of positions, orders. Because now they don’t have to constantly filter the items in the catalog. The advantage of the automated system of management is inventory in the series and parties that allows you to automatically track the history of any of our product, as well as a reconciliation with the data on the defective and counterfeit batches of drugs.

In our online pharmacy accumulative system of discounts for registered users. To receive a cumulative discount, You need to register once (“registration”)to receive confirmation of successful registration and NOT to FORGET before each order to enter (“entry”) in our online pharmacy under your login and paralise Unauthorized order is not taken into account in the calculation of cumulative discounts! Please, after you register write down your username and password! The accumulated value of the discount depends on the total amount of purchases, the number of purchases does not matter.

Information about orders and their statuses, and also the current cumulative discount registered users can get on the page “my account”. Cumulative discount is only charged ONCE the order status is “Shipped”. For orders made by phone, the cumulative discount does not apply.
You can INVITE TO OUR SITE FRIENDS AND GET a CUMULATIVE DISCOUNT TOGETHER! This can be done by using the DISCOUNT KEY that is assigned to each registered user. The number of Your discount key, You can look in your personal Cabinet. This system allows multiple users to shop at one of the discount key and accumulate the total discount. You can give your discount key anyone – relatives, friends, acquaintances or even strangers, for example, at a forum in the Internet and every one of you will be able to use the total accumulated discount.

The person You invited to our website must register and in the column “Discount” key to enter the number of Your discount key. Then it remains only to make orders and to use the accumulated together discount. By the way, You can change your discount key (for example, if you were given a room discount key that already has a cumulative discount). To do this in your account in the section “Discount key You need in the appropriate box to enter a new discount key and confirm the transfer by entering your password. For some products the discount does not apply because the price is maximally reduced. A list of these products can be found here.
We remind you that the retail prices and availability of goods in the network pharmacies may differ slightly.